Lonsy provide all kinds of package for sunglasses and eyeglasses frames- wipes, pouches, PU casess, Cardboard Cases and so on. For some packages without customized logo is no problem for wholesale with small MOQ, but if you want logos, that will need to meet our production MOQ.

Here below we will show you how we made package logos so you know how to design your own logo brand on packages.

For eyewear wipes, pouches and pu cases, there are basically have these three ways to process the logo-

First – Silk/Screen Printing

Screen printing generally refers to printing with silk screen. When printing, the printing ink is transferred to the substrate through the holes of the perforated plate by a certain pressure to form images or characters. The screen printing equipment is advanced, the printed images and characters are clear, the positioning is accurate, multi-color printing can be carried out, and high grade can be highlighted.

Eyewear Cleaner/Wipes with Silk Printing Logo – MOQ 500pcs
Eyewear Pouches/Bags with Silk Printing Logo – MOQ 500pcs

Second- Embrossed/Hot Stamping printing

Both Embrossed and Hot Stamping printing is a molding method that changes the thickness of the material under the action of temperature and pressure. Simply embrossed logo has no color. But for hot stamping logo, extruded material is filled into convex and concave cavities of dies with undulating thin lines, thus forming undulating bumps and characters or patterns on the surface of the workpiece. It can be made into gold stamping, silver stamping and other colors.

Embrossed Logo/ Hot stamping silver/golden Logo

Third – Digital /Thermal Transfer Printing

Digital printing refers to the way of digital hot tranfer printing, in which the images in the computer is printed with thermal transfer ink by a high-definition printer, and then transferred to the products to be transferred by thermal transfer. The whole process cycle is short, the similarity between color matching and original drawing is over 95%, the efficiency is very fast, and the colors are bright.

Digital patterm printting on wipes- MOQ 2000pcs
Digital patterm printing logo on pouches- MOQ 2000pcs

Simply the logo way for package is like this.

Here below are photos showed how the logo looks on different cases.

Embrossed Logo On PU Leather Cases
Embrossed Logo on PU Iron cases
Hot Stamping Logo- Silver
Hot Stamping logo -Golden

By finished all the cutomized logo, we will only need you provide us the vector file of logo/patterm designs, all the remaining tedious processing procedures will finished perfectly by us.

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