The environmental issues caused by phthalate acid esters (PAEs)in the world has aroused widespread concern. The Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA) list 6 kinds of PAE as pri-control toxtic pollutant, that are DEHP、DOP、BBP、DBP、DEP、DMP . China has also identified three kinds of PAE as  environmental  pri-control pollutant, that are DEP、DMP、DOP.

PAEs are mainly used as plasticizer for plastics to increase the plasticity and strength, it is a kind of chemical which has softening effect. However, the combination between phthalates and plastic is a physical bond rather than chemical bond. it will escapes from plastic over time.The research shows that phthalates are widely exist in the atmosphere, water and soil environment by the development of the plastic industry and extensive use of plastic products, they will enter the human bodies and organisms to disrupted their endocrine system.

Traditional cellulose acetate sheet has its advantages, but also has its difficulties. As far as its advantages are concerned, it is non-flammable, fade-less, artistic, high plasticity, glossy, diverse ,durable. At the same time, because traditional CA particles use phthalate as plasticizer, they are difficult to decompose under natural conditions.

So how do traditional CA materials survive? New types of ecological materials that can live in harmony with nature, stabilize, waste-prevention, and environmentally friendly come into being.

Acetate frame Processing

How Cellulose Acetate Sheet is made?

Cellulose acetate (CA) is made of natural cotton pulp or wood pulp by chemical modification, which is usually in flake or powder form. Before making into high-end frame, it should be made into granule with uniform size and transparent color, then mix  colorant  to extrude into sheet shape with diverse patterns.

In order to solve the phathalate issue of traditional CA material and pay attention to the environment and personal safety, Lonsy began to use environmental protection acetate material. Because this environmentally friendly material has the characteristics of organic plasticization and a small amount of phthalate esters, it is really our best choice.

The advantages of ECO material

According to the tests (reports of California 65, Reach, ROHS, Phathalates Test), which could be offered, reveal that the phathalates content in ECO material is well below internation market limitation.For example, we can learn that the composition of Diethyl Phthalate ,generally,the content of every unit in the eco material is less1%,however,in the general material, the content of every unit is more than 25%.Moreover, this kind of eco material has passed the test of authoritative institutions(SVHC,ECHA), and the material provider has obtained the SGS certificate issued by them.

And the hardness of eco material is higher than general material, but lower than high density material which provides more possibilities for frame design.Also, we came to the conclusion because the material provider did a professional test, and the test conclusion was telling the truth.

On the other hand,according to feedbacks from many manufacturers, the ECO material we use can solve the problem of plasticizer migration of traditional CA products when contacting with PMMA and PC lens,to a large extent.

How ECO material benefits the customer?

First, because this material has its own environmental advantages and competitiveness, the eco material can improve the competence of enterprise.

Second,at present, the world pays attention to environmental protection. Maybe we can build up strong brand with the environmental protection concept and discover the core strength of the brand on the basis of developing the original brand.

Third,pursuit brand differences as the core competence of enterprise  to create  high value – added brand.Nowadays,every enterprise needs continuous growth and development, and we have to pursue better development.Perhaps creating a new eco-friendly product is also a way of development.

Finally,reducing the burden on the earth and benefit the people of the world! We are living together. It is the common responsibility of everyone to take care of our earth.

LONSY will start change all our acetate material into ECO-acetate material from today!

Thank you for choose Lonsy!

Eco- friendly Acetate Material Going for Production

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